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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Filomenne NoYap Magicpower's

05.03.2006 / Genetically clear of L2HGA and HC

World Acclaim L2HGA, World Acclaim HC, MP Catastrofes ´ Co HC, MP Catasstrofes´ Co L2HGA

1 generace 2 generace 3 generace 4 generace
Powerpaws World Acclaim

6 x CAC, 2x CACIB, 2 x 4th in Terrier group

Borolo Once A Warrior

Borolo I Reckon

Aust CH
Gayleastaff Barney Boy

Aust CH
Ayallastaff Lady Marika
Borolo Sweet Surrender

Aust CH
Dreamcatcher Turbocharge

Borolo Lady Bekanbar

Aust CH
Powerpaws Above Nbeyond

Aust Ch

Powerpaws Beyond Thelaw

Aust CH

Tuareg Murphys Law

Aust CH
Powerpaws Ice Carving

Aust CH
Powerpaws Sweet Dreams

Hadjibah High Voltage

Australian Champion
Borolo By Design
Magicpowers Catastrofes Co

Finnish CH, Estonian CH

Tiger Brindle
Catastrofes Touch Of Heaven

International CH, Finnish CH & Swedish CH, Norwegian CH & Denmark CH, Estonain CH & Canadian CH, American CH, FinnishWinner99

Tenacious Just Kidding

International CH, Dnk/Vdh/Ndl/B/Lux CH,

White & Red Pied
Armunk Aberdeen

South African CH
Tenacious Undeniably Ursa

South African CH
Catastrofes Rose of Heaven

International CH, Dnk/Fin/Swd/Nor CH

Jodels Incantation

Int/Fin/Dnk/Swd/Nor/Est CH
Catastrofes Heaven Knows

Int/Fin CH, Multi CH
Magicpowers Mega Quality

Bourtie Mirror Image

International CH, Fin/Est/Ltv CH

Black Brindle
Bowferry Look Back In Anger at Ramblix
Bourtie Mists Of Time
Magicpowers Wigwambam

International CH, Fin/Est/Ltv CH

Black Brindle
Stormvindens Lycko Per

Finnish CH
Owelan Undine

Filomenne NoYap Magicpower's
Filomenne NoYap Magicpower's

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