Slade Czech Kennel - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

National show in Ostrava, Czech Republic


This show was really very hardly judged by Czech judge Mr. Kliment. Nearly all of the staffies ended with VG or G. We exhibited our girls: Pritsim Getto Romance "G.B", Apollanka and Filomenne. Results Youth class: G.B. and the others females received VG, only 1 bitch obtained Excellent 1 (our offspring Clothilda Slade Czech, daughter of our Beti). We are very proud of this winner bitch ! Congratulations !
Results Intermediate class: There was exhibited our Apola, in this class was not afforded any Excellent marks, only Very Good. Open Class: Here was shown our Filomenne with result Excellent 2. She ended behind this winner bitch...

We are very proud of our bitches even thought they are not winners. Thank you our little girls for your wonderful exhibition !

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