Slade Czech - chovatelská stanice plemene Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Olomouc 2009

National show

Jan 09 2009
Every year we go for a National show in Olomouc. Judge was very rigorous in a judging of teeth and shoulders. Though only one teeth was missing at some of the staffies in a youth class (they were staffies about 1 year old of course) he was very strict and gave Very Good marks... But I have to say Mr. Dostal is only one judge what I have ever seen who was cleaning his hands after judging of every dog in the ring...Very good job! I had very nice feeling from this judging.

Judge: Ing.Jaromir Dostal, DrSc. Results:

- Eduard Van Slade Czech: VG
- Emily Van Slade Czech: Excellent
- Filomenne NoYap Magicpower´s: Excellent 1, CAC

(Ujistěte se, že na kalibračním obrázku rozeznáte všechny odstíny šedé, případně si přenastavte monitor.)

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