Club SBT show, Kolesa u Pardubic, June 2010

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Kolesa u Pardubic, Czech Republic

Club SBT show, June 2010

For dogs: Mr. Frank Gough /England/
For bitches: Mr. Jeffrey Ford /England/
Entered total: 197 staffies

Very nice weather was fine all day and nearly all of us had to cool our dogs by wet towels...We were very happy to have judgment from two English experienced judges and they made these judgments of our staffies:

EDUARD VAN SLADE CZECH "Eduard": EXCELLENT 3, open class - 2,5 year, entered 17 dogs. Judgment:
"Red dog, good head, correct stop, correct carrying ears, excellent trunk, very good angulation of the back legs, excellent back line"

SHEIKASTAFFS SEEN YA LOOKIN“ "Vilibald": VERY GOOD , youth class - 12 motnhs. Becasue of his fracture of the leg elbow in the age of 4 months he can“t ever be judged with Excellent marks and ratings. Judgment:
"White dog with red patches, good head, correct stop, young dog, correct back line, right chest, balanced, correct coat."

ALBERMARBUL BLUE DIVINE "Sofie": VERY GOOD, youth class - 11 months, judgment:
"Good scissors bite, good placing of eyes, dark eyes, good ears, better stop, straight front, good body, nice-looking coat color, good back line, nice angulations, nice tail, good movement".

FACE TO FACE SLADE CZECH "Fejsy": EXCELLENT, open class - 18 months, judgment:
"Good scissors bite, good placing of eyes, good stop, dark eyes, nice straight front, nice shoulders, should be more thin waistline, good back legs, correct angulation, nice frame".

LUCIANNA TOY SLADE CZECH" Toya": VERY PROMISING, puppy class - 5 months, judgment:
"Good muzzle, nice shape of eyes, nice carrying ears, straight front , balanced back line, pretty body, nice carrying tail, nice movement, she has to develop herself yet."

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