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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Club show, Mladá Boleslav


This show was very important for our two youngest staffies: Emily and Eduard. They need this last show needful for their future breeding ( to be a stud .) I took also our Filomenne to open class. My friend Katka with her bitch Enigma "Goldy" took part int he show too - Goldy is a litter sister of Eduard and Emily. Girls received EXCELLENT marks and it is very nice judgement because in some classes were 24 bitches actually !

EDUARD is very calm and well-ballanced dog and he is doing super in the ring. He received EXCELLENT 1, CAC ! And after day he is a STUD DOG in our kennel ! Also Emily and Enigma have passed the needful shows for future breeding and now they are suitable for breeding too.

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