international dog show bratislava 2010

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Komárom-Erőd, Hungary

Speciality SBT Show

Judge: Ms. Barbara-Ann Beaufoy (Wyrefare Kennel, UK.)

We went for the 500 km far show because of judgment of Ms. Beaufoy - to obtain the judgement just from the English reputable judge. They took part our Eduard, Vilibald and Sofie with the results:

EDUARD VAN SLADE CZECH "Eduard": EXCELLENT Judgment: nice red dog, pleasing head, excellent eyes, good bones, excellent pigmentation, good topline, well muscled and shown in fit condition.

ALBERMARBULL BLUE DIVINE "Sofi": EXCELLENT Judgment: standart size, very fem. expresion, good level topline, nice featured head, well lay down stifles.

SHEIKASTAFFS SEEN YA LOOKIN´ "Vilibald" : becasue of his injury - traumatic fracture left humerus - Ms. Beaufoy made the judgement after finishing the show: Judgment: Beautiful red-white pied lovely dog, nice head shape, fabulous topline, in excellent condition.

We are very thankful just for the judgment of our Vilibald because we know he unfortunatelly will never win any show because of his broken leg

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