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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The 1st French Symposium

4-5. 10. 2008

judged by Jim Beaufoy (Wyrefare) and Abe Harkness ( Senkrah)

We want to share with us in wonderful result of one of Filomenne´s offspring: ERUPTION SLADE CZECH "CISKO", 11 MONTHS, living in Guadeloupe. He visited last week France and took part in the "show": The 1st French Symposium, judged by past masters in sbt´s Jim Beaufoy (Wyrefare) and Abe Harkness ( Senkrah). This Symposium it's like matches: they put 1 dog between another one and the winner stay...and again the same judgement with another dog, finally after pass all the dogs , rest the best one . (These Symposiums were organised in UK before the 2nd world war). Cisko 's result is:

  • 1st place, The BEST MALE (winner of all the matches )
  • 2 nd BEST DOG of this 1st Symposium (RBIS)

Judges Mr. Beaufoy and Mr. Harkness decided every match winners together and we are proud well ! There were entered a lot of the best staffies not only from France but also from Spanish, England or South Africa! There were 32 males entered and generaly 60 staffies. Congratulations Cisko to you and your owner Onick!! Keep it up!

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