World Dog Show, Danmark - Herning, 25.6.2010

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

World Dog Show

Danmark - Herning, 25.6.2010

Judge for dogs: Kari Järvinen (Finland) Judge for bitches: Andrzej Kazmierski (Poland)

This year WDS was much more show of Nordic countries that worldwide, moreover the judge came from Finland for dogs and from Poland for bitches. A lot of exhibitors were disillusioned from their judgments - it is fine when judge is strict but also must be impartial and fair and "gives" to all equally. A lot of staffies obtained Very good or Good marks - and nobody knows why : Good teeth, good movement, good presentation...and these results...

I showed my EDUARD VAN SLADE CZECH in open class with EXCELLENT result, entered 19 males - and only 8 were Excellent. My friend Ivana showed his Albermarbull Blue Seraph in youth class with Good mark for his short "unconcealed joy" during his movement in the ring. Our offspring Face To Face SC was shown by his owner Paul very well - and in spite of that she received VG mark.

We haven´t come to hat any shows or judges - everytime it is about good fortune... Thanks to wonderful Danish country we have splendid experience from the trip !

Terrier Dog Show, Danmark, 26.6.2010
Judge: Mr. Paul Stanway (England)

Next day we took part in the Terrier show with the results and judgments:

"blue and white pied, attractive dog, good head, eyes in relation to coat colour, straight front, strong well angulated hindquaters, handler needs to settle"

" Red dog, strong head, dark eye, well boned forquarters, good topline, strong well angulated hindquaters, moves quit well, handler needs to pay attention when stacked". So I would like to sorry to Eduard for my "bad" handling !

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